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XMLA Setup


Create a new folder c:\XMLA


Copy c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.2\Olap\Bin\isapi folder to the new folder. Copy \Bin\xmlrwbin.dll file to the folder too.



You may need to explicitly change the ACL for this folder (c:\XMLA). The updated ACL should allow Read permissions for the identity of the application pool that is loading the pump (by default, Network Service)


Create a virtual directory “XMLA” pointing to the location of msmdpump.dll (c:\XMLA\ isapi)


Enable "Scripts and Executables" on the virtual directory


Setup security on the virtual directory: Enable anonymous access only and make sure that the anonymous user has full access to the Analysis Services.


Create a mapping from ".dll" to msmdpump.dll in the properties of the
virtual directory (Configuration -> Application Mappings -> .dll =
msmdpump.dll).  You may need to hit the tab key several time until the OK button becomes enabled.



For Windows 2003 server, click on Web Service Extensions, add a new extension. You must add both msmdpump.dll and xmlrwbin.dll to the
file list. Go to Application Pools, and create a new application pool.
Right click on it and select Properties, go to Identity tab, for Predefined,
select Local System. Click OK to close.


Test the http://localhost/OLAP/msmdpump.dll with MDX.htm file.  Note that you not test the URL typing it in the Internet Explorer as you can with XMLA SDK.  You can also test the URL with XMLA SDK Sample Application.



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